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Scriptural Reasoning

Scriptural Reasoning is an inter-faith and inter-textual disciplines, perhaps most usually practised between Jews, Christians and Muslims. In a typical session, no more than twelve people, ideally four from each ‘house’ introduce, read, comment and question one another on a passage of scripture from each tradition, prepared in advance, often around a common theme.

As Chaplain to University Staff, I am a beginner at Scriptural Reasoning, but have a real interest in whether this inter-textual practice can help to inform multi-faith policy with the Higher Education setting. I would also be pleased to hear from people of other faiths if they are interested in widening the scope of Scriptural Reasoning.

The main organiser of Scriptural Reasoning within Cambridge University is the Cambridge Interfaith Programme, run from the Faculty of Divinity.

Some College Chaplains also run small groups.