Children are vital part of our community. Great St Mary's offers a programme of worship, teaching and social activities for children and their families.


Children are welcome at all services at Great St Mary’s.  We hope all children will feel at home and enjoy our life together.  We encourage children from six upwards to share in receiving communion, after a short course which leads to admission to communion.

Children's spirituality is highly valued at Great St Mary'sHere are our special services for children:

The Ark: A mixture of play, music and prayers, The Ark is a service of Holy Communion for children of all ages, and their parents and caregivers. It happens on Tuesdays at 10.30am at Michaelhouse.

Children at Church: Children’s activities and Sunday School happen every Sunday during the 9.30am Parish Communion.  There is a place for play and prayer around the font at the West end of the church.

Third Sundays: On the Third Sunday of the month, the 9.30am Parish Communion service is planned especially with all ages in mind.

The Choirs

Choir smallerMany children are introduced to the Christian life through membership of the choirs. There are opportunities for singers at Great St Mary’s from around the age of six onward, including our Junior Choir, Girls Choir, and Boys Choir. Find out more here.

The Church School

Great St Mary’s supports Park Street Church of England Primary School.  We take assemblies, provide a representative on the governing body, and welcome the school for services in the church.  We believe that every young person has a right of access to the spiritual and religious resources that will enable them to explore every dimension of their journey toward a complete education.

Great St Mary’s is supported in its work with Park Street by the Church Schools of Cambridge.

Heritage Activities

shirley schoolGreat St Mary’s offers crafts, storytelling, and other fun family activities during school holidays!




Great St Mary’s offer several choirs for children and young people.

The Church of England’s website has a number of resources for children and their families.

Great St Mary’s is proud to support  Park Street Church of England Primary School, and  Church Schools of Cambridge.

You can also learn about worship and children, over at the Spiritual Child Network