Get involved

Come get involved! Great St Mary's is a place of worship, outreach, welcome and comfort for all, because of the generosity of a community of volunteers and donors.

For hundreds of years, people from all walks of life who have loved the church have contributed to its daily life and community. Today that community extends to the tens of thousands of visitors from around the world that we welcome every year.

Whether you can volunteer a few hours or make a financial gift, your involvement makes a huge difference! Churches receive no government funding.  Caring for our historic fabric, maintaining our worship and music tradition, and carrying out our mission of education, worship and outreach is a serious undertaking.  Our income goes to meet everyday running expenses and a limited programme of maintenance, but we cannot carry out major restoration work, like the critical roof repair, or much desired new projects within our mission for the future, without additional funds. Quite simply, our donors are vital to us: without them we could not sustain the Church as a place for future generations to enjoy.

As a Christian community, we give generously in response to God who has given so generously to us.  It’s thanksgiving for all the good gifts we receive and commitment to our call to follow Christ.  However we know that many in our community value Great St Mary’s, what it stands for and what it does.  People of all faiths and none share the varied life of our church and contribute to its ministry.  We need the support of all who care about our historical building and caring community life if we are to sustain our activities and our service.

But we don’t forget that the church is people, and its members give generously of their time and talents.  Our work with children and young people, the pastoral care we offer to those in need, the involvement in many local charities.  None of this can be seen in our church financial accounts – but without the generosity with time and use of skills none of our activities would be possible.

Thank you!