Copies of recent sermons by visiting preachers and our own clergy are available to buy in the shop, or download here for free

Sermons at Great St Mary’s

 Many notable sermons have been preached from Great St Mary’s pulpit over the centuries. Many of the great names from the Reformation have addressed the Great St Mary’s congregation, including Latimer, Ridley, and Bray. The Reformation theologian Martin Bucer was buried in the church. Years later, his body was dug up and burnt during the reign of Queen Mary — however a memorial plaque marks the place of his tomb.

Recent visiting preachers at Great St Mary’s include:

  • Dr Belay Guta Olam, former President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Seminary in Ethiopia
  • Revd Dr Susan Durber, Minister, Taunton United Reformed Church
  • Professor Ben Quash, Professor of Christianity and the Arts and Director of the Centre for Arts and the Sacred at King’s (ASK) Department of Theology and Religious Studies
  • Claire Foster-Gilbert, Director of the Westminster Abbey Institute
  • Paula Gooder, Director for Mission Learning and Development in the Diocese of Birmingham and Canon Theologian of the Cathedral
  • Andrew Davison, the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and Fellow in Theology at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

While we don’t have copies of the more ancient sermons preached at Great St. Mary’s, you can download copies of more recent sermons.  Through these pages you too can download the latest ideas, some of which are highly relevant to current theological debate, of today’s thinkers.

Dates and details of forthcoming University Sermons can be found at The University Reporter