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a study programme exploring the interface between church and society



Adrian Thatcher, visiting professor at Exeter University and editor of Modern Believing, discussed the impact of John Robinson’s Honest to God with John Beer, Archdeacon of Cambridge.

Linda Woodshed, dire tor of Religion and Society is a six year research programme on how faith is expressed in modern society,  carried out by 275 researchers in 75 projects, revealed some surprising findings about how faith is changing in conversation with Malcolm Brown, Church of England Director of Mission and Public Affairs.

JUST ECONOMICS: making senes of economics and understanding its impact.

Poverty Panel – understanding the impact of cuts on Cambridge, with James Martin (Wintercomfort), Dave Goldspink (Foodbank) and others

Funding the Future – micro finance in the developing world, with Tom Sanderson, Director of Five Talents

University Sermons:  There are two sermons before the University each term, at which leaders and teachers of all Christian churches speak on a variety of subjects of urgent concern.

Sermons: In addition to the University Sermons, the church invites a variety of preachers and speakers to services and special events.

There is a Bible Study group which meets every second Tuesday at 6.00 p.m.

Faith in Society meets once a month on a Wednesday when a visiting speaker helps us to reflect on how helps us to understand the society in which we live.

The Communion Service every Thursday at 1.05 p.m. at Michaelhouse includes discussion on the Bible readings and is followed by lunch in the cafe.

There are short courses in Advent and Lent and at other times.

A World To Believe In, Cambridge Consultations on Faith and the Future of Humanity,  is a programme of talks and discussions in which distinguished visitors explore some of the urgent questions which confront our society.  It is based at Great St Mary’s and works with partners across the University, theological colleges, civic and professional organisaitons and local churches.  It provides web-based learning resources through its oompanion website, godthink.org.uk