Education and Heritage

The church is open 11am to 5pm daily except Mondays. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot accommodate groups larger than 6, and our Education and Heritage events will be moving online for now. Please contact us for more information.

Education and Heritage at Great St Mary’s

The Education and Heritage programme aims to bring Great St. Mary’s Christian history and heritage alive for a wide audience and to be a centre for Education and Christian Understanding.  Visitors, learning groups and Cambridge residents can discover Great St Mary’s fascinating past which has been at the heart of local and University life for over 800 years.

The Education and Heritage programme welcomes school and learning groups to discover more about the fascinating history of Great St Mary’s as well as providing imaginative RE teaching for Christian Understanding and also creative arts sessions.  Popular family craft sessions are also run by the Education Department in school holidays.

Schools can visit the church for sessions on History, RE, Creative Arts and a Tower Experience

Every visitor can explore this beautiful church and discover its long Christian history, thanks to our historical tours, school visits and family activities in the school holidays. Our five interactive touchscreens showcase detailed research on the history of the church and the city of Cambridge.

Children from Abbey Meadows Primary School enjoying the interactive touchscreens. Photograph courtesy of Historyworks.

The Education and Heritage Programme was originally funded by a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and was helped by a grant from Cambridge City Council.  The Programme is currently part funded by the Church Schools of Cambridge Trust.