Language schools

A visit to Great St Mary's is always a hit with Language School students!

We have plenty of fun activities to keep your students engaged and interested including guided tours, craft sessions and climbing the 123 steps of the church tower!


Tower climbs:  Students can climb the 123 spiral steps to the top of our 114ft tower to experience stunning panoramic views across Cambridge.

Group Tickets: £4.50 per person (minimum party size 10, booking in advance essential); £5 per person (groups of less than 10).


Guided Tours: Your students will explore our beautiful and historic church with one of our enthusiastic guides.  Discover the stories behind the features: have you ever wondered why Great St Mary’s has two organs, why it is the official centre of Cambridge, why its pulpit is on rails and why the bells sound the same as the Westminster Chimes?  Find out more about the fascinating people associated with the church: Queen Elizabeth I, the infamous Dr Butler and the Protestant Reformer Martin Bucer with his buried and burnt body! We end the visit with a trip to the private galleries giving you a stunning view of the church.  

Weekday Tours cost £3.50 per person for a 30 minute tour and £7 per person for a 1 hour tour.

Weekend Tours cost £4 per person for a 30 minute tour and £8 per person for a 1 hour tour.

Tours must be booked in advance with a minimum party size of 10 and are subject to availability.

Art and Craft

Art and craft sessions at Great St Mary’s start from £3.50 per student, depending on your choice of activity.  They provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages.  Do get in touch with us for specific prices for each session.

Jewelled Light: Students can go on a stained glass safari to spot the fascinating details in the stained glass.  They will then design and male their own stained glass window suncatcher to take home.

Tall Towers: Great St Mary’s tower is already 114ft high but unfortunately the proposed 80ft spire was never built due to a lack of money. In this session the students will design and construct a new spire for Great St Mary’s and will try their designs out on a model of the church. They will also get to test out their engineering skills in some terrific tower building challenges.

Flying High: Join us for a quest to discover the flying creatures and winged messengers in the church.  Have a go at some flying high craft activities or take on the egg drop challenge and compete to be able to drop an egg from our galleries without it breaking!

Beautiful Bells: Hear about the famous Great St Mary’s Bells and the Cambridge Quarters which were copied by Westminster for the Houses of Parliament.  Enjoy craft activities involving tinkling bells!  Students can have a go at making their own chimes for Great St Mary’s on our hand-bells.

Terrific Textures: Let your students get creative with a session exploring textures in the church. Students will enjoy a range of textured crafts and have a go at brass rubbing.

Fantastic Beasts: Great St Mary’s is full of hidden fantastic beasts! Explore the church on a fantastic beast safari to hunt for a menagerie of mystical and mythical creatures.  Design and create your own fantastic beast chimera puppet.

Clay Creatures: In the session the students will go on a hunt for gargoyles and grotesques nearby the church.  They will then design their very own gargoyle or grotesque and then sculpt their terrifying creature out of clay using a range of techniques. The students will be able to take home their creature to dry.

To enquire about booking any of these activities, please contact The Education Officer:; the Education Office 01223 747284 / the Parish Office 01223 747273.