Running to the Resurrection – CANCELLED

29 March 2020

At the age of forty-five, unfit and overweight, Clark Berge, a professed Franciscan friar, took up running. In his younger life he had struggled with alcoholism and with his sexual identity. Running became cathartic not just for his body, but for making peace with the lingering shame of a troubled past, facing unresolved questions and coming to a fuller acceptance of who he was.

Clark is coming to preach at  Great St Mary's, The University Church, Cambridge at 9.30am on Sunday March 29th, and talk about his new book "Running to Resurrection" at Michaelhouse Centre afterwards from 11:00am - 12noon.

You can buy the book from the Great St Mary's shop, as well as the usual places. Note the date, come, and bring your friends for a thought-provoking talk.

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