Venue hire terms and conditions

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1. BOOKING: The room(s) hired shall be used only for the purpose(s) stated on the booking form or in correspondence with the Centre Manager. Additional dates (e.g. for rehearsals) must be added to the booking form. The Centre Management reserves the right to refuse any booking requests which they deem to be contrary to the aims of the Centre. Unless otherwise stated, the person whose name appears on the booking form will be deemed responsible for the meeting/event and will be expected to be in attendance throughout. Café customers or users of other rooms should not be disturbed by your event so keep noise levels reasonable. Music must not be at a level which will upset other users of the building or our college neighbours.

The full hire fee should be paid within a week of receiving the invoice. Please ask if you would prefer to pay in two instalments. If the booking includes catering, this will be invoiced separately after the event. In the event of cancellation the following charges will apply: – more than 14 days notice, 25% of total charge – less than 14 days notice, 50% of total charge – less than 7 days notice, 100% of total charge.

2. ROOM AVAILABILITY: Rooms are only available for the time period which has been stated on the booking form and needs to include both setting up and packing away. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that meetings/functions finish on time and the room is vacated promptly. If meetings over-run, extra time will be rounded up and charged accordingly.

Rooms must be left in the condition they were made available for use, including furniture arrangement. Cleaning costs incurred due to the misuse of rooms shall be charged to the Hirer. If the existing layout is to be changed, the revised layout needs to be received at least one week in advance of the event. No goods or tickets may be sold on the premises without the prior consent of the management team. There is no storage capacity for customers at Michaelhouse but for large receptions it will likely be possible to facilitate early deliveries. Early deliveries are likely to be stored using a small meeting room; please note there is no locking mechanism for this room, and so it is not a secure location. Any items left there are at the customer’s own risk. Arrangements for any deliveries and equipment to be left overnight must be made with the centre manager at least 5 days in advance. The café is closed on Sundays so access arrangements for collection will need to be in place beforehand.

3. HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Hirer of the Centre is responsible for the health and safety of clients who they invite onto the premises. The Hirer must familiarise themselves with fire evacuation procedures and the location of fire exits in the building. The Hirer should point out fire exits to everyone in attendance. The Hirer is to ensure that fire and safety regulations are observed while using the building, that fire exits are kept clear and that all fire doors remain closed. Please note that the main entrance is a fire exit and must be kept clear at all times. No fire equipment shall be tampered with or removed from its place, except in the case of fire. Costs incurred due to misuse of fire equipment shall be charged to the user in full. Usage by the Hirer of any additional audio or visual electrical equipment that is not the property of the Centre must be agreed with the Centre Management beforehand and the necessary documentation completed before such equipment is used; a copy of the PAT certificate must be given to the Centre Manager prior to the event. The Hirer shall ensure that cable protectors are used to cover all trailing cables. The Hirer shall not use or allow or cause any items to be used which involve a naked flame such as candles or any items which are lit with a naked flame and subsequently burn such as incense sticks. Any costs as a result of damage caused by the user’s failure to comply with these specific provisions shall be borne by the Hirer. Arrangements for candles to be used in services of worship in the Chapel must be discussed and agreed with the Centre Manager beforehand.

4. CHILD PROTECTION AND SAFEGUARDING VULNERABLE ADULTS: Where the room hire is for an event that involves children (0-18 years old), or vulnerable adults, the Hirer is deemed to take full responsibility for the safety and protection of these children and vulnerable adults for as long as they are on the premises, and in line with current, relevant legislation. If the Hirer is in doubt as to the legislations and their requirements he/she is advised to see information at: The Parochial Church Council of St Mary the Great with St Michael, Cambridge, has a Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. A copy can be found here. Your booking agreement is conditional upon you complying with it. There may be other groups using other parts of the building during your event, or members of the public in the café and you will all be using the same toilets and public areas. Please take precautions to protect children and vulnerable adults in your care. If your event includes bringing in other people  (such as entertainment, a band, DJ, dance teacher, speaker, etc.) then you are responsible for their behaviour.

5. PROTECTION OF THE FABRIC OF THE BUILDING: No labels, posters, information sheets etc. may be attached to the walls, paintwork, or any part of the building by any adhesive including blue tac, pins, velcro, sellotape etc. All damages and breakages to the Centre or its property, including the loss, removal or theft of property, shall be charged to the Hirer at replacement cost. We regret that no helium balloons, or any other item that rises to the ceiling may be brought onto the premises. Likewise footballs/tennis balls (even sponge ones) are not allowed because of the risk of damage to light fittings and internal architecture.

6. PUBLICITY: Publicity for concerts and events is arranged and paid for by the Hirer. Handbills and posters can be displayed within the Centre; information for the website and Newsletter needs to be sent to the manager at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Printed material needs to be sent to the Centre Manager at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Michaelhouse cannot provide press releases or act as a contact between your event and the media and will not send out invitations on behalf of the performers/participants. Michaelhouse cannot provide box office facilities. These must be arranged by the organiser, including ‘on the door’ ticketing. It is an offence to display advertising materials on street furniture for example trees, lamp-posts, and railings. Permission to display materials on the Michaelhouse railings can be sought from the Centre Manager, although in some cases planning permission may be required. Please check with the Planning Department at the City Council beforehand. The smooth running of an event may be affected if this requirement is not met and anyone benefitting from the event may be committing an offence.

7. INSURANCE: The Centre Management will not accept liability for damage to or loss of property or for personal injury not caused by the negligence of the management of the centre. Access to the kitchen by any customers at any time is PROHIBITED. Centre staff only have kitchen access. For use of personal laptops in conjunction with the hire of the centre’s projector, it is the responsibility of the laptop owner to have the requisite IT skills to ensure the images are appropriately projected onto the screen. The responsibility of the Centre Management is to provide the projector, connection to the computer, and power to the system only. If using the Café or Chapel space, centre staff will switch on the PA/loop system and make any necessary adjustments. Customers must never tamper with any of the centre’s equipment including heating and lighting. We strongly suggest testing out all equipment on a date before the event to be sure that everything works as expected.

8. SMOKING AND FOOD AND DRINK: There is a strict No Smoking policy in all parts of the building and immediately outside the main entrance. Smokers may use the patio area, a short distance from the front door. The use of illegal drugs on or outside the premises is strictly prohibited and will be reported to the police. During the operational hours of the Michaelhouse Café, only food and drink which is purchased from the café may be consumed on the premises. All catering arrangements for private functions are to be made with the café. Only alcohol purchased through the café may be consumed on the premises; for private events arrangements can be made with the centre manager for corkage charges. Alcoholic drinks bought at the centre must not be consumed outside the premises; it is illegal.

9. SPECIAL NEEDS: Michaelhouse aims to be as inclusive as possible. All rooms are accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs by ramp or lift. A loop system operates in the café and chapel spaces. Please let the centre manager know if you have special needs 5 days in advance of your booking.

10. CONCERTS: The Michaelhouse centre has a contract with the Performing Rights Society for performances of music and payments are made retrospectively every quarter. The amounts calculated are based on the programme of music, audience numbers and gross box office takings. The concert organiser (i.e. the Hirer) is responsible for paying the fees via the Michaelhouse centre. An invoice will be sent as soon as the amount is known; this may be up to six months after the event. If advance notice of these costs is required, it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to contact the Performing Rights Society him/herself. The café is not open for evening events; it may be possible to arrange for interval drinks in advance, in the café space, but any arrangements must be made through the café and centre managers. For information about the café please see:

11. Wifi is available free of charge in the café and meeting rooms.

12. The Hirer will be expected to have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

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